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About Us

Our fondness for labradoodles was kindled in 2012 when we were searching for a family-friendly dog that wouldn’t exacerbate the allergies that occasionally plagued some of our family members. We found our ideal match in Francesco, whose playful temperament made him the perfect addition to our home. As our children grew up, we believed Francesco needed a companion. We were fortunate enough to come across Lake Blue Labradoodles in Raleigh, NC, who chose us to care for one of their stud dogs in our home as our pet. After we brought home Jubilee’s Mr. Seamus (aka Seamus), we learned a great deal about labradoodles from Jim and Tina, the owners of Lake Blue Labradoodles. During this time, Seamus sired many successful litters for Lake Blue. As 2021 saw our children entering adulthood, we too decided to embark on a new adventure—moving to Mexico and becoming Australian Labradoodle breeders. We acquired the breeding rights for Seamus, and settled in Xalapa, Veracruz. We are in the process of adding additional dogs and will soon offer our first litters as Elite Australian Labradoodles.